Our efficient team of Patent Professionals and Paralegals is able to provide you end to end solutions for your inventions from Drafting of Specification to Prosecuting, Maintaining and Enforcing your Patent Portfolio in Courts in almost all areas of Science and Technology.

We provide a wide range of services in the Patent field including: 

  • Patent Searches
    • Landscape / State of the Art searches
    • Prior Art searches
    • Freedom to operate searches
    • Invalidation Searches
    • Name Searches
    • Subject Matter Searches
  • Miscellaneous: 
    • Patent Watch
  • Pre-Grant:
    • Patent Drafting
    • PCT National Phase Application
    • Convention Patent Filing in India and other countries
    • Patent prosecution
    • Response to Office Action
    • Patent hearings
  • Post Grant:
    • Annuity Payments
    • Annual Working Reports (AWR)
    • Assignment and Licensing Drafting and Recordals
    • Compulsory Licenses
    • Foreign Filing License 
  • Oppositions:
    • Pre Grant Opposition
    • Post Grant Opposition
    • Patent Invalidation Actions