Why Us?


Why Us?
Why Us?


  • We have internally developed an exclusive dataset for all Indian Trademark Applications which is updated regularly to aid us in analysis and monitoring of Trademark landscape in India. We maintain and update this exclusive internal database for Indian Trademarks published by the Indian IP Offices.
  • The Trademark database comprises all data published by the trade marks office since 1930 and contains more 3.5 million trademarks.
  • This is one of the USPs of our firm and allows us access to certain information and in-house analysis tools which to our knowledge, are not available elsewhere to any competing firm. 
  • This enables us to provide detailed TM statistics (class bases, country based, goods based, proprietor based, agent-based etc). We can file trademark applications within 24 hours of receipt of instructions and are currently handling over 15000 trademarks in India and internationally.
  • We have a similar database for Patents containing details of all published patent applications as well as granted patents and designs since 1987.
Why Us?


  • We offer top professional Quality of legal advice, and Quality of service (including speed). We have In depth commercial experience, not simply in terms of legal expertise but also in the technical knowledge and experience required to find the commercial route to a client’s objectives.

Why Us?


  • We act for a wide range of clients, from major corporations to small family businesses, both in India and overseas.
  • Our clients include companies (both public and privately owned), universities, research institutes, hospitals, funding charities, individual inventors, startups, International Law Firms and other organizations and individuals in a variety of industries including technology, consumer goods, cosmetics pharmaceuticals and confectionery.



Why Us?


  • Balancing legal quality with commercial practicality.
  • With over 35 years’ experience of working closely with technology-based companies and universities, we have real insight into their needs and priorities.
  • Many of our clients think of us as their in-house lawyers or as a part of their commercial team.




Why Us?


  • Our patent searching, drafting and filing services are widely used by International Clients and Law Firms to outsource their workload without compromising on quality.
  • We offer prompt and responsive service, understand each client’s requirements and objectives, and work with the client as part of their team.


Why Us?


  • Very competitive for High-Quality professional services.
  • Better efficiency and cost-effectiveness due to our emphasis on using technology, presence of young enthusiastic lawyers and engineers supported by capable administrative staff in prime offices.
  • While large enough to meet the demands of our major corporate clients for work of the highest professional standards, we also offer a highly personal and cost-effective service to private clients.